Private Couples Retreats for Lesbians

Getting Away to Focus on Your Relationship

Getaways for couples are wonderful

You love the magic of the great escape…getting away from your problems, reality, and just being able to focus on one another. It feeds the soul and feeds your relationship.

Often times, once you get back, you can keep that glow for a few weeks. But, too quickly, the old reality comes creeping back…old problems and old patterns of interacting.

That magical time together can end up feeling so distant.

What if you could get away AND make lasting change in your relationship?

You can! That is what happens with TLC Lesbian Couples Retreats.

Whether your relationship has suffered a serious injury or it’s just become stagnant from neglect, Private Retreats give you powerful results over a short period of time.

During the Private Retreat, you nurture your relationship by a change in scenery and savoring private time together. We transform your relationship by teaching you the tools to connect more authentically and communicate more successfully.

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What makes my Private Retreats for Lesbian Couples so Effective?

Uniquely Yours

I know one size does not fit all; lesbian relationships are as multi-faceted as a rainbow. Due to that, I create a unique Retreat Treatment Plan just for you, based on your relationship.

After meeting with you during our consultation, I design a plan that addresses your relationship’s specific needs and your goals.


I have advanced training in the two most successful models of couple therapy: Emotionally Focused Therapy with the Hold Me Tight Program® and the Gottman Method.

Both of these models are evidence-based and have been shown to have a 90% success rate at reducing distress in couples.

Complete Focus

All my attention is on you alone. This increases safety and openness. I also am able to change direction and to focus on your immediate needs as they develop during the Retreat.

Recommendations based on your relationship and our work together enable you to bring the Retreat’s success home with you.

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My place or yours…or online?

This retreat is completely designed around you, including the location!

My Place

Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, I am located close to many beautiful and lesbian-friendly locations. Although you are responsible for your own lodging, I am happy to advise you and make local recommendations.

  • Northampton – 30 min
  • Berkshire Mtns. – 60 min
  • Provincetown – 3 hrs
  • Boston – 1.5 hrs
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Your Choice

You are designing your own getaway; just take me along for the ride. With this option, I go to your location, whether it’s your home, an exotic island or a national park. This option gives you the greatest flexibility for location although it does incur the additional costs for my travel. For many, this ends up being an ideal escape from home yet an opportunity to make lasting change as a couple.

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Covid has shown us that we can’t always get away. As much as getting out of the house might be ideal, maybe you just can’t. Or, you may want to go to that exotic destination but work with me online to stretch your travel budget. As long as you have a strong wi-fi signal and a tablet or larger, this option may be the best fit for your situation.

Lesbian couple or lgbt couple on computer together. Signifies lesbian couples therapy retreats online and marriage retreats for lesbian couples online.

It’s all in the details

Learn the specifics regarding success rate, cost and what to expect.

No matter what you choose, I truly want you to succeed.

Photograph of the lesbian expert Bri McCarroll. She is also known as an expert relationship coach for lesbians.

Let’s talk!

Complete this form. I will be happy to set up a consultation with you and answer your questions.

Helping lesbians locally from Boston to NYC or online as far as San Francisco!

“Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson

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