Lesbian Couples Retreat Details

Like your relationship, it’s all in the details


Where do these Retreats happen?

I work with couples locally, nationally, and internationally. Due to that, I provide Retreats in three different ways.

  1. You come to me. I have a home office with beautiful surroundings outside in Massachusetts. Couples find it intimate and relaxing.
  2. I go to you. These Retreats may be done at a ‘destination’; providing an ‘escape’ for you. They may also be done in your geographic location, if reality requires you stay close to home. This option has additional charges due to my travel/lodging expenses.
  3. We meet online. This option is a compromise between the two, with you being able to ‘get away’ to a Retreat location and work on your relationship, yet not have extra costs of bringing me to your space.
How long are Private Lesbian Retreats?

It depends on which Retreat you chose. All Retreats are 9 am to 4 pm with an hour lunch. The number of days is as follows:

  • Connection – 3 days
  • Transformation – 4 days

Look further down this page (in the brown area) to see what you can expect depending on which Retreat you pick.

How much does a Lesbian Couples Retreat cost?

The price depends on the length of the Retreat. The differences between the options and costs are described below (in the brown area). In short, these are the costs if you come to me:

  • Connection: $6950
  • Transformation: $8950

I realize this is a financial investment, just like any ‘feel-good’ weekend would be.

When deciding if this is a worthwhile use of your vacation funds, I encourage you to consider that, with this Retreat weekend, you are taking memories and tools home with you that will change your relationship and last a lifetime.

Does my insurance cover a Retreat for Lesbian Couples?

Insurance companies only cover hour-long sessions. Due to this, limited portions of your Retreat may be covered if you have ‘out-of-network’ benefits.

We are doing 4 to 8 months of traditional therapy over one weekend. This intensive model increases the odds for success, reduces the ‘backsliding’ that traditionally happens with weekly visits and is just easier to fit into a busy life.

Are there payment options?

Of course! I understand that this is a signifiant investment. First, I am happy to give you a discount if we do not use credit cards. If I am not paying that fee, I am happy to remove that fee on your end as well.

As for the payment itself, I require 50% for a deposit to secure your date and 50% one week prior to the Retreat.

If necessary, I am able to create a payment plan with an agreed payment schedule and your card on file.

Don’t be hesitant to reach out to me about options. I truly want to be helpful. This is my business, so I need to think of the economics but I also know that getting help sooner helps you make change sooner; so I will try to work with you.

What’s included with all Lesbian Couples Retreats?

  • Three to four days of focused relationship coaching; 24 to 31 hours or the equivalent of 6 to 8 months of weekly therapy
  • Private Individual sessions (via zoom) with each of you
  • Relationship Questionnaire and Assessment for each of you
  • My full attention only on you throughout our time together
  • Resource manual/workbook used during and after the Retreat
  • Snacks and beverages to nurture you (if your Retreat is at my place)
  • Email follow-up with recommendations for you as a couple and individually
  • Exclusive access to scheduling hourly coaching sessions in the future
  • Follow-up couples session (via zoom) after the Retreat
Young lesbian couple kissing and showing affection in the street. Signifies relationship help for lesbian couples in a marriage retreat for lesbians.

What’s the difference between the two options?


This 3 day Private Retreat focuses on repairing and strengthening your connection.

  • This retreat includes what you would gain from the ‘Foundation’ Retreat and gives you additional tools and practice to help with expressing and listening to your partner effectively.
  • Using actual situations in your relationship, you learn strategies to help reconnect after a conflict and how to resolve the big hurts that seem to never go away.
  • As you address small and larger conflicts effectively, you will begin to gain confidence that you can address things as a unified couple.

Cost is $6,950


This 4 day Private Retreat focuses on bringing your relationship to a higher level.

  • This retreat includes what you would gain from the ‘Foundation’ and ‘Connection’ Retreats plus focuses on giving you additional tools and time to address special topics of your choosing.
  • Whether you want to enrich your relationship by addressing topics such as sexuality, parenting or tackle overwhelming difficulties such as affairs or repeated conflicts, we address what is most relevant for you.
  • As we incorporate the communication and connection skills with additional awareness, you will see each other with new eyes, greater empathy, and understanding…and an ability to do things differently.

Cost is $8,950

What is your success rate?

Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Methods for Couples, which are the core for my Private Lesbian Retreats, have a documented success rate of reducing relationship distress by 90%.

I hesitate to write this second part as I know it sounds unbelievable…

EVERY couple that has worked with me has left in a better place. Due to my complete focus on you, the evidence-based protocol, and the Retreat’s format designed around your unique situation, I can truly say that every couple has left with improved communication, concrete tools, better understanding, and increased hope. That is why I enjoy doing these so much; I love seeing the transformation in my couples.

I have a consistent track record of success, which gives me the confidence to know I can make your relationship better. Let’s do this!

So what’s the process from here?

1. Decide the length of Retreat you want. You may not be clear what is most advisable for your situation. I will be happy to give a direct and honest opinion, based on my years as a lesbian relationship coach.

2. Determine where the retreat will be: my place, your destination choice, or online. Each has its strengths and costs, so again, I am open to sharing my thoughts on that.

3. Pick a few different dates** for the retreat, based on your schedule. At this point, you need to contact me so we can compare schedules and solidify the dates for you.

** I see clients and do relationship coaching during the week. The days I set aside for Private Lesbian Retreats start Thursday and extend through Monday.

4. Put down a deposit. A 50% deposit secures your dates. If you are using a payment plan, your spot is secured once the 50% minimum has been met.

5. Within one business day, you will each receive a confirmation email with details on what to expect and a link to my secure client portal to complete your confidential intake and necessary paperwork.

6. Meet for your Retreat and help you communicate and connect!

Photograph of the lesbian expert Bri McCarroll. She is also known as an expert relationship coach for lesbians.

I know this is a lot, so let me help.

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