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Photograph of Bri McCarroll, a lesbian therapist and lesbian relationship coach who is an expert on lesbian relationships.

Bri McCarroll, MSW, Lesbian Relationship Coach

I describe myself as an authentic, compassionate yet direct person.

Where am I from? Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I have traveled extensively and have worked with numerous cultures and ethnicities. I have a Master’s Degree from Smith College and advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, the Gottman Method for Couples, and Imago Therapy for Couples.

What makes me different? I am a natural teacher and skilled at coaching people in a way that makes sense. My Hold Me Tight® Workshops for couples have been attended by international couples, due to their popularity. Lastly, I have had my share of relationships (with the U-Haul’s) and have over 30 years involvement with the lesbian community.

Why do I do this? I genuinely love and am skilled at what I do.  This is not just a job for me. Couples seek me out when they are in crisis and it’s my responsibility to give my very best with every couple. I get incredible joy in seeing couples connect and heal.

I truly love what I do.

Photograph of Laurie McKee, an expert lesbian relationship coach who helps lgbt couples and lesbian couples through successful relationship coaching.

Laurie McKee, Lesbian Relationship Coach

I describe myself as intuitive, kind, and pragmatic.

Where am I from? I grew up close to Northampton, Massachusetts and graduated from Mt. Holyoke. I spent time in Kenya working on a wildlife management ranch and developed an appreciation for cultural diversity. I have strong Italian roots and have years of practice at navigating the complexities of family.

What makes me different? I have a natural gift for listening and empathy. This ability to ‘tune in’ to people creates a sense of safety and helps me help you. I came into the Community later in life, which gives me a broader perspective at times.

Why do I do this? I can’t help but ‘help’ others. Working with couples to improve their relationships and communication is something I naturally fall into; it’s gratifying and I do it well. I get a thrill from seeing the changes that happen in couples during our Hold Me Tight Workshops for Couples®.

Photograph of cat on back. Signifies feeling good after successful relationship coaching for lesbians.

Arthur, Relationship Cat

I describe myself as gorgeous, a ‘hunk’, and irresistible.

Where am I from? My background is fuzzy but I became a part of the TLC team as an adult.

What makes me different? I strive to see the world differently; some might say even ‘upside-down’. Also, relationships are important to me. I have actively befriended dogs and I understand the challenge of navigating ‘differences’.

Why do I do this? It’s all about savoring the good things in life: food, warm women, and adoration.

Photograph of cat looking straight at camera. This signifies working with an expert lesbian therapist skilled in lgbt relationships and lesbian relationships.

We get it…

We are Family.

Photograph of the lesbian expert Bri McCarroll. She is also known as an expert relationship coach for lesbians.  She is part of a team to help lesbians communicate better.

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