You know lesbian relationships can be so magical.

As two women, you have strengths many relationships don’t have…that amazing emotional connection and understanding that comes from your same-ness.

Yet, how Can You Love Her So Much…

And Still Have Difficulties

Communicating and Connecting?

That happens to all of us.

You both long to feel understood and enjoy one another again…

Not get stuck in misunderstandings and feeling alone in this relationship.

Every lesbian relationship benefits from TLC.

You know you found the right woman.

You feel lucky to have found her.

Now all you need are the tools to make this relationship better…

like you know it can be.

Photograph of the lesbian expert Bri McCarroll. She is also known as an expert relationship coach for lesbians.

Let me give you those tools, so you can.

At Therapy for Lesbian Couples, we know all lesbian relationships benefit from some TLC.

Hello, I am Bri McCarroll.

As a lesbian relationship coach and expert on lesbian couples, I have helped couples just like you.

These are the ways I help and give your relationship TLC…

Relationship Coaching

Close up of lesbian couple with tablet pc at home. This signifies engaging in online relationship coaching for lesbians or getting lesbian relationship help online.

Developing skills takes practice. After a Workshop or Retreat, your skills are strengthened with ONLINE coaching. Use this as needed; you are not alone in this.

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Private Retreats

Two cups in front of daybed with pillows. Signifies a private lesbian couples retreats or a private couples therapy retreat for lesbians and lgbt couples.

Put the focus on your relationship. You have my complete attention and a dedicated period of time to teach you skills to connect and address additional issues, making you stronger and more resilient.

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Couples Workshops

Table with colors of lgbt community and keyboard and cappuccino. This signifies online relationship coaching for lesbian couples and lgbt couples.

Limited to 3 couples at a time, Workshops are available ONLINE so you can escape to a destination of your choice and improve your relationship at the same time.

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I may not be your first love,

first kiss, first sight, or first date…

but I want to be your last


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